About Me

Hi, I’m Maria, on the right, and beside me is my dear fiance, Jacob. We’re two young, twenty-somethings living in the good-ole mid-west. We have four cats, and a baby on the way! That is how this blog came to be, well somewhat.

Birth of this Blog

I’ve made a few attempts at starting blogs, but never really found my ~niche~ or had much to write about. I created this blog (and bought the domain name) in early 2016, with no sense of direction; so for quite sometime it sat empty.

Lets fast forward to October/November 2016, when I find out I am pregnant. After scouring amazon, multiple bookstores, and Pinterest, I could not find a pregnancy journal that I loved. Ding! Cue lifestyle blog/online pregnancy journal!

I really enjoy reading lifestyle blogs, and spend more time than I want to admit searching Pinterest for decoration, crafts, or information on things I know nothing about (i.e. pregnancy).  I often stumble across pins and posts that inspire me to create, or I find myself thinking, someone needs to make a tutorial for (insert wild idea here) when I cant find EXACTLY what I am looking for. Then I came to realize, I can be that someone!

My goal is to put out quality content and share my ideas with the world,¬† hopefully even inspire my audience, so join me on this wild ride, I’m sure it wont disappoint.

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