Week 40 (+1)

Here we are! The big 4-0! I would like to start this post off by apologizing for my absence. A lot has gone on in the past few weeks that has kept my mind EXTRA busy, and with Sylas’s development being practically complete, there really hasn’t been much to share! 

I started my maternity leave from work on the 2nd! This last week has been a much needed mini staycation before Sylas makes his debut (whenever that is). Pretty much everyone, including myself, thought he would he here prior to his due date, but the little booger just seems to be nice and cozy right where he is! 

I’ve been doing a ton of walking, exercises on the exercise ball, and even dabbled in something called The Miles Circuit, which was suggested by one of the Midwives. I also started drinking raspberry leaf tea to help further prep my uterus for L&D. 

Jacob and I are still putting a few final touches on the nursery, but nothing that’s necessity, just decoration. I’m excited to share that once it’s all ready! Here are a couple of little peeks! 

Everything has been pretty relaxed so far, though I had one minor scare that sent me into chicken little mode. To put it briefly, on the 26th,  I called the the midwives about some pretty severe itching in my hands and feet the night before because I read that it could be signs of a liver condition that would affect my pregnancy. When I called I was expecting them to shrug it off and suggest something to relieve the itching and if it didn’t work they would have me go in. Nope. They told me I needed to go in as soon as I could that day for bloodwork. Combine the panic with being exhausted from work & pregnancy exhaustion, and you had one sloppy sobbing Maria. Thankfully, after two days of impatiently waiting, the blood results all came back normal. Had they not, I would have been sent in to be induced the day they got the results. The take away from that small experience for me was, in pregnancy don’t ignore even the smallest abnormal symptoms, because while it was nothing, it could have been something life threatening. 

On the topic of being induced, I am scheduled for induction on the 17th! Ideally I would love to go into labor on my own, but I’m sure by that point I will be beyond ready for him to be out and begging for induction sooner. Hopefully I do NOT go that long past my due date! 

How’s momma been feeling? 


And ready to meet Sylas of course! Seriously though, very heavy. I’ve gained over 50 pounds this pregnancy, granted I was underweight pre pregnancy & throughout the pregnancy, it’s still very uncomfortable. I can’t even get out of bed without feeling like an awkward upside down turtle! Which makes for incredibly interesting nights when I get up 10 times to pee. My face is suddenly breaking out again & I’ve been having Braxton Hicks like crazy. Even some minor back labor as well. The Miles Circuit is supposed to help with that by getting Sylas to switch to a more ideal birthing position because right now he’s facing my hip, I didn’t have much success with it the first time, so I will be trying again.  

Sylas is fully developed now, and ready for the world, or not, as I am still very pregnant. His hair and nails will continue to grow while he’s in the womb, and I will continue to jump at every sign of could-be labor. Thankfully, I don’t call the hospital at every twinge. My midwives told me that I want to have contractions 3-5 minutes apart for hours and be practically crying before I go in, so I am waiting for that sort of pain. Not looking forward to it, but I wish it would happen already! 

That’s it for the update! Fingers crossed little man comes before the induction date! xx

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  1. OH Boy OH! Just wanted to let you know I’m following. I remember how miserable it is, although I didn’t go over my due date, being short and small I felt like it that last month. Thank you for posting. I knew it was time for him to be here and was wondering. Glad the baby is doing well. Take care darlin. Love to all three of you

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