Weeks 36 & 37

Been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks because I’ve been SO busy! Between work, appointments, a baby shower, and compulsive nesting, I hardly have time to breathe. So this bumpdate is going to recap TWO weeks! Its still going to be a bit short because I’m having a hard time remembering EVERYTHING that’s gone on the past two weeks. Let’s get into it, shall we? 

Week 36

This was the week I had my baby shower, and also marked one month away to our due date! The baby shower was fabulous, and had a wonderful turn out! I’m so very grateful for my mom and little sister throwing it, and putting so much work into it to make it perfect! I’ll be honest, I was getting very worried that no one would show up, or that it wouldn’t come together very well. I shared some pictures from the day on Instagram, but here are a few more. 

Jacob and I didn’t get any other pictures together because it was such a busy day for us, but that’s okay because we had a really good time and that’s what’s truly important. 

Week 37

So, now that we have just about everything we need, we have been able to start making our final baby supply purchases before Sylas makes his arrival. Can’t believe we are THREE weeks from the due date! 

This past week we got all of Sylas’s clothes washed and ready to go. His nursery is ~almost~ complete, were mainly just adding final touches with decor and want to throw in a bookshelf & nightstand (as well as finish that god forsaken glider.) After finishing the dresser, though, I finally decided how I want the glider to be finished, so now we just have to do it! 

We also kind of started packing hospital bag stuff, mainly just things for Sylas in his diaper bag, but I keep putting mine off. I probably shouldn’t be because my contractions are starting to regulate and become more intense! 

How else has mommy been feeling? 

Very tired, I’ve become a VERY light sleeper these past couple of weeks, and if I wake up in the middle of the night, I’m up for a while. I am thinking it’s a combo of the contractions, hormones, and need to pee 5 times. I have started timing my contractions, not all the time, just when they are somewhat regular and nothing helps them go away. With me being on my feet all day & so active, I’m pretty sure Sylas might be making an early arrival. I’ve also been nesting like crazy and I feel like my to-do list is still a mile long. Jacob assures me that I will probably constantly feel like nothing is ready, and I’m sure he’s absolutely right. That’s okay though, were ready for Sylas whenever he is ready! 

How’s Sylas doing? 

Gosh, there’s really not much to update on him. He should be pretty close to his birth weight, or I guess at his birth weight since he technically could come at anytime now. He should also measure around 20 inches, but I can’t remember what he measures at from the last appointment. Basically, all he has going on now is practicing some skills for the world outside the womb! Things like breathing, sucking, grasping. His reflexes should also be developed by now too! 

That’s all I have for this week, but hey, next update could be a birth story! Stay tuned! xx

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