Week 35

Gah! Another late bumpdate, but last week was truly uneventful! The most exciting thing I did was buy a dress for the baby shower and an outfit just in case Sylas is born before July 4th. I probably jinxed myself by doing that, but oh well! I couldn’t resist! 

The hot dogs and bomb pops had me sold! 

Aside from that it’s just been a busy week of work! So this update truly will be very short. 

How’s mommy been feeling? 

Well, I get the occasional heartburn that I can only assume is brought on by certain foods. When the heartburn hits, it hits hard and quick. Still restless at night which is truly unfortunate, the only way I am able to really sleep through the night is if I’m exhausted from the day. My body also rejects anything from Starbucks now, even the damn tea, which kills me a little, but I can handle it for a few weeks. I have two little stretch marks popping up just over where my belly button piercing is (I blame the scar tissue that’s there). Also I’ve noticed my Braxton hicks contractions getting even more intense and lasting longer. It knocks the wind out of me every time, but I still manage to keep my body relaxed. With it being in the 90’s here, I’m finding myself going through bags of sonic ice very quickly, and drinking a TON more water. With that I’m also peeing more frequently. It’s okay though! Hopefully only 5 more weeks to go! 

How’s Sylas feeling? 

Little booger is getting very big and very heavy, at least that’s how it feels. I have a hard time rolling over in bed lately. His hearing is fully developed, and I have definitely noticed that because he responds to all sorts of sounds! He is about the size of a pineapple, measuring just over 18 inches and weighing around 5 pounds! He still is constantly stretching out, which I am now used to feeling. It’s still pretty painful, but sometimes I don’t even realize he moving around like crazy. 

And that’s it! That’s all I have to talk about in this little update! It’s a boring one, but hey! My baby shower is this weekend so my next update should be pretty fun! Until then! xx

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