Week 34

Very late bumpdate, but here it is! A big warm welcome to week number 34! I’m trying not to count down but it’s so hard! We’re literally only three weeks away from being considered safe to deliver, and only SIX weeks from our due date! Aside from that I’m pretty positive my belly hasn’t really changed a whole lot in the last few weeks anyways, so there isn’t much to update. 

For starters, I did another little project this week, it was a super quick one, took me about 2 hours from start to finish. It’s this little guy! 

Recognize him? It’s one of the stuffed animals from the movie Coraline. 

I’ve had one saved on my Pinterest & Etsy accounts for quite some time, but the Etsy shop has been on vacation, so I decided to take it upon myself to make my own. My little guy isn’t exactly like the one from the movie, but he’s close enough and it makes him much more unique. 

The next project we finished this week was the dresser for the nursery, well almost finished, we still need knobs for the top drawers, but here it is! 

I can’t get over the results so far! This turned out better than I expected! AND it only took us about 4 days total! The artificial lighting makes it look a bit more brown than it is in person, it’s a grey brown cross color, hard to explain. I have a separate post ready to publish later, with pictures taken in natural light. In that I will be sharing before and after pictures as well as a bit about the process we went through to update the dresser. 

With it being memorial weekend we went out and enjoyed some of the festivities going on. By festivities, I mean we went out and watched fireworks last night, and as we all know, I hate missing a good fireworks show. 

I also made my first trip to the botanical gardens here, Lauritzen Gardens, for the very first time, something I would definitely recommend if you ever find yourself in Omaha. It was free this past week because they had a rare flower, Titan Arum, that was about to bloom. For those, like myself, who are unfamiliar with the flower, it is the worlds largest flower and only blooms every several years! What’s even more fascinating is when it does bloom, it smells like death, which is where it gets the nickname Corpse Flower. It was a pretty big event for the gardens, and with good reason, so we took advantage of that as well! Here was one of my favorite shots from the visit. Just a random flower. The smelly flower hadn’t bloomed yet when I was there, so the pictures of that aren’t very interesting or pretty. 

I love going to places like this because it gives me the chance to experiment and familiarize myself with my camera in manual mode! 

Okay, enough about the events, let’s get on to the bumpdate. 

We had a prenatal visit this past week, where we got to listen to Sylas and feel his feet! My midwife felt around on my belly, well, she barely got her hands on me before she was like, “that’s definitely his back,” and then after very minimal kneading around she found his feet and his head! Pretty quick appointment, asking how I felt and such, and no weight gain since the last appointment! So my total weight gain is at 37 pounds as of right now. 

How’s momma been feeling? 

Pretty great actually, a bit fatigued, but I’ve seriously been nonstop between work and baby prep stuff. I don’t mind though, I enjoy being busy. Also my fingers and toes have started to swell! Only if I’m on my feet for a really long time, or in the morning when I wake up. It goes away pretty quick so far. No sign of stretch marks yet either, which I’m fairly certain will decided to pop up right before Sylas pops out. I learned the heard way not to eat pepperoni as well, it gave me literally the worst heartburn of my life for the first time ever on Friday night. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep the reflux down, but after a heaping cup of ice, it went away, surprisingly. 

How’s Sylas doing?

Excellent as well, but it feels as though he’s in a constant state of legs stretched because I seem to almost always have a knobby little bulge sticking out of my side. He shifts and adjusts constantly, just likes stretching his legs too, can we really blame him? Since his weight and length probably haven’t changed much since the last update, I’ll just say he is the size of a butternut squash. I like talking to him and singing to him, and he also seems to enjoy it, or maybe he’s trying to get me to shut up. Who knows. According to the bump he should start defending, but I’m gonna be tmi honest, I don’t think he can get any lower. I’m fairly certain he’s resting on my cervix because sometimes the pressure down there is so uncomfortable I can’t even sit! Hey! Maybe that means I’ll get lucky and he will just slide right out when it’s time to deliver! 

That’s it for this weeks update, though! Definitely a lot longer than I thought it would be! Apologies for lateness! I’ll try to be on time next week, until then, xx! 

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