Week 33

Oh my goodness we are getting so close to holding our little boy! I guess, I kind of already  hold him because I like to lift my belly up; takes a bit of pressure off my back. But, seriously. I say it probably every update, we’re SO excited! 

This past week was a project week for me during my down time, and I have a few I am very excited to share! The first one is this bad boy, my Orion Constellation wall art! 

This is a picture I took while it was drying, it has since been painted and hung on the wall. I have a separate post that goes into detail about how I put it together and reveals the final results!

My other project was these polymer clay keys! 

Jacob and I love the movie Coraline, and we love Pirates of the Caribbean, so it was only fitting that we found ways to incorporate them into the nursery as well. I’m not sure how I am going to incorporate them, but we shall see. I’m overall really pleased with the results, I just need to slap some paint on Davey Jones’ chest key to make it look more like the one from the movies. 

The most exciting part about this week wasn’t the projects, though. It was receiving our first set of cloth diapers in the mail! 

Again, this is something I definitely plan to go more in-depth about in separate posts, but I had to share because Jacob and I are both OBSESSED with how cute and tiny they are. We are in the process of building our stash out of a few different brands right now, hopefully it won’t be too much trial and error figuring out what works for us. 

Those were the highlights of our week, let’s jump into the bumpdate! 

How’s momma feeling? 

Like a cry baby. I’m so sensitive right now, I thought I would manage to get through this pregnancy unscathed by irrational moodiness, but it finally happened to me. I bawled my eyes out the other day while Jacob and I were buying polyeurethane to seal the glider. I wanted to get a candy bar and failed to communicate that to him. Unfortunately he finished checking out and paying before I could add a candy bar and let’s just say, my feelings were crushed. He offered to do a separate transaction and everything, but the damage had been done and there was no going back – until he bought me a snickers when he went into target. 

How’s Sylas doing?

Well, it would appear he is a bit crammed. When he stretches out it’s becoming quite painful, and my stomach contorts into very gross looking shapes. I like touching my stomach whenever he’s sticking though, it just feels so bizarre. According to the Ovia App, his size window is so large that it’s hard to get an estimate of his growth. Sylas should be somewhere between 4 and 6 pounds and close to 19 inches! 

That’s it for this week! Until next time! Thanks for popping by! xx

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