Week 32 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas and soon-to-be mommas out there! 

So we have 5 more weeks until I’m considered full term, 8 weeks until the due date, and 10 weeks max until we get to meet Sylas. I’m hoping he comes somewhere in the 5-7 range, but that’s just cause we’re so excited to meet him! 

This week we met with one of the new midwives we will be working with. Let me just say, I am SO happy we switched because Jacob and I both absolutely loved the first impression we got. She answered all our questions before we even got the chance to ask them, and explained the birth plan that they try to follow there. A few things I really liked were, they automatically place baby right on mom’s chest after birth, they also automatically do delayed cord clamping, which are two things Jacob and I both wanted. She even told me that they won’t even suggest induction until I am 42 weeks, if I get that far, then we will talk about it. I also loved how she reassured me that women grow the baby they can give birth to no matter how the baby comes. I was nervous about being in a hospital setting, but seriously every one of our experiences at this one specifically has exceeded our expectations. Overwhelmed with confidence about the care I will be receiving no matter how Sylas is born into this world, I am now happy to say I look forward to the big day! 

I think it’s safe to say Jacob is ready too (even if the nursery isn’t). 

On Friday we went to a concert! It was a day long event and a much needed day date for us. 

Since the show was outdoors we were able to bring a blanket and just hang out on the lawn the whole time. It was great for me because pregnant Maria does not want to be on her feet more than she has to be, especially out in the heat. Plus we had an awesome view! 

Zoomed in as close as I could without completely demolishing the image quality, here’s a good shot of Papa Roach! All of the bands put on a great show, but my favorite sets were this one and Sum 41. 

So I guess this weekend was my first Mother’s Day, I didn’t do anything special for it, Jacob and I just did a few projects and got supplies for future projects! 

This is the one I worked on this morning, idea from – you’ll never guess – Pinterest! I am loving the result. I plan on taking some more maternity type pictures and this one was a must for me! All I did was buy some glittery iron on vinyl, download some cute fonts to put together a design on the Silhouette CAMEO computer program, cut the design, and iron it on the shirt! Easy peasy if you have a silhouette or a cricut machine. 

Jacob and I also worked on the chair, I know I keep saying this but it’s almost done, I swear! With both of us working it’s hard to spend more than one day a week on it! I am hoping that after this next weekend we will be good to go and can officially move it into the nursery. 

Whew! Now that I’ve shared the festivities of this week, onto the good stuff! 

How’s mom feeling? 

As you can probably guess, pretty great. All of this productivity has helped with my restless legs at night, and lately my heartburn hasn’t been too crazy, I’m feeling pretty lucky as of right now. Contractions are becoming more intense, but that’s expected at this point, it just means in that much closer to meeting my little boy! I really don’t have much else to say otherwise! 

How’s Sylas doing? 

Fabulous as well! And active as can be! He should be just about at his birth length by now, which is somewhere around 18 inches, and weighing about 4 pounds! He should be in the head down position by now, but I’m pretty sure he has been for a while, just judging by where his kicks are and where I feel the hiccups. His finger nails and toe nails should be all grown in now too! All he really has to do now is pack on some fat and maybe grow some more hair. 

That’s all I have for this weeks update! Thank you for popping by & again happy Mother’s Day! Until next time! xx

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