Week 31

9 weeks to go! Still super stoked about this count down, can’t you tell? 

This was a pretty slow week for us yet again, the weather eased up about halfway through the week which was awesome because we got to work on the glider this weekend! I am pleased to say that after this week our big project should be complete and ready to move into the nursery! 

A peek at Jacob sanding away at what was left of the original stain.

I won’t be working a ton this upcoming week, so I plan to dedicate A LOT of my free time to some decor projects I have planned. We shall see what the week brings! 
I’m my small bit of downtime I had this week, I played around with my camera and got some good use out of it taking boudoir style self portraits. 

These two were my absolute favorite & if you follow my social media you’ve seen them, sorry for the repeat, but I’m obsessed. This is one of the only times I’ve felt truly beautiful throughout this whole pregnancy. Jacob still reminds me every single day how beautiful I am, but he has to say that because it’s his baby too, heh! 

How’s momma been feeling? 

Same old same old. Braxton hicks more frequent, heartburn comes and goes, sleepless nights, and oh my goodness restless legs. SO UNCOMFORTABLE! Of course a google search led me to an article that said there’s a link between restless legs during pregnancy and the need for induction or a cesarean. That stressed me out for about 5 minutes, then I went to sleep. I have somewhat put it out of my mind, labor is unpredictable regardless and you never know exactly what to expect. I’m just trying to enjoy my time with Sylas while he is all mine. 

What’s about Sylas’s progress? 

Well, he should be pretty close to his birth height, around 17 inches long, and weigh about 3.5 pounds! All five of his senses have developed and his immune system is just about ready for the world outside of the womb. He’s still wiggly as ever, and it’s still entertaining as ever to watch! Not gonna lie, I might actually miss this. It’s so much fun being able to feel him move around and stretch, even if it is sometimes a little painful, but I know it will be even more fun to watch him grow and explore his surroundings! 

That’s all I have for this weeks update though, thank you for following this adventure of mine, until next time! xx

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