Week 30

NOW we begin the weekly countdown from TEN! We have ten weeks left to go (maybe less!), hopefully no more than that, until we meet our little Sylas, and we are getting more and more excited with each passing day. That celebratory moment is about all of the excitement I have for this weeks bumpdate! 

This last week has been a slow one, and by slow I mean uneventful. The weather here has still been very soggy and cold, so it was a much needed lay-around-and-do-nothing week. Plus I was feeling very unmotivated by the grey skies. 

We did have a prenatal visit, but alas, that was uneventful as well. All we did was set up for the early home class, and discuss our birth class choice as well as listen to Sylas. I’ve been thinking about transferring my care to a hospital instead of the birth center, simply because as we get closer to the due date, the more nervous I get that I won’t actually be able to induce labor on my own, though it would be nice to have Sylas here for one of my favorite holidays! So tomorrow I plan to call and discuss transferring care and meeting with the midwifes at one of the local hospital. We will see how that goes, I’m optimistic! 

Jacob and I had the whole weekend off together, and let me tell you, it was the best thing ever. 

I can’t remember the last time I got a whole weekend with him, let alone spend nearly an entire day in bed binge watching tv shows on Netflix, which is what we did most of Saturday. We ventured out for about 45 minutes Saturday early afternoon, just to Target because I wanted to look at baby clothes. 

I would say it was a successful trip, this little haul is the cutest thing ever (to me anyways)! My favorite piece is definitely that little shark outfit! But that was the most excitement we had this weekend, and this tired momma is 100% okay with that. 

How’s momma been feeling?

Heartburn. So. Much. Heartburn. Not to mention I have terribly restless legs at night which is a nightmare in itself. Pre pregnancy, I used to just take pain medication for my restless legs. I’m not sure why I used to have that problem, but I remember for a couple of months I had some awful spells, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve had the issue though, so now that it’s back and I can’t do much about it I get severely frustrated. As far as the heartburn goes, that was something I struggled with when my anxiety was at its worst, so I have a prescription for Protonix, which helps with acid reflux and heartburn, that I can take as needed for that. I got the go ahead to take it while pregnant from the midwives, so that’s nice. I can also feel fatigue creeping back up on me, which I’m not too thrilled about, I’m assuming it has a little bit to do with diet and a lotta bit to do with my sleeping patterns. I wake up in the middle of the night quite frequently, for no apparent reason other than just being awake. Then the restless legs kick in and let’s just say it’s a task getting back to sleep and basically every time I wake up I pray that it’s a somewhat reasonable hour to get up for the day. Of course, it never is. Thank you Sylas! I hope you’re getting more rest than I am! 

What’s Sylas’s progress? 

He’s a giant. Nah, but he’s getting so big! He should be around 16 inches long and about 3 pounds now! According to The Bump, his skin is smoothing out as he packs on the fat and he is strong enough to grip a finger! I can definitely agree that he is getting stronger. The little goober is constantly moving around in there and I’m fairly certain he is still head down, because when he hiccups I feel it down closer to my pelvic bone compared to the other movements, which are up around my belly button. 

I suppose that’s it for this weeks update, and a picture of Jacob babying Ollie! 

Thanks so much for following! Until next time! xx

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