Week 29

One more week then we’re counting down from 10! People keep telling me how small I am, WHERE?! 

Jacob and I are getting giddy and excited about meeting our little jelly bean. Occasionally, I will feel a mild panic attack coming on because I realize that, 1) this is a tiny, fragile, human being that’s life is in our hands; and 2) he’s gotta come out one way or another (which terrifies me because I have no idea how it is going to go).  

Everything is very slowly coming together with his nursery, I’ve been refraining from buying things for him until we see what we get out of the baby shower. I made a checklist of stuff that needs to be put on the registry in my bullet journal, which is still missing a few small things, but is complete for the most part. I have it set up so I can mark what’s on the registry when I’ve added it, and then check off what we receive, that way I can see what else we need to buy. 

Our glider is almost complete as well! I don’t want to share any pictures of it since I want to do an entire post on the project; I did, however, complete his bedding! Here’s what that looks like! 

I know I’ve already mentioned how much I enjoyed making this, even if I almost gave up a couple of times! I am just so proud of the final result! I think in his decor I’m going to throw in pops of turquoise and purple, just to add some color in his room! 

That was pretty much all the excitement we have for this week! How I’ve been feeling hasn’t changed much either. I found myself repulsed by barbecue sauce out of nowhere the other night, which was strange, but nothing I’m very concerned about. The heartburn I’ve been experiencing has me convinced there’s a dragon growing inside of me rather than a baby; sometimes I think I could breathe fire! Oh and my boobs are leaking! I didn’t expect that to start happening til after my milk came in, but I suppose I can deal with a few boob accidents here and there before Sylas gets here. 

What kind of progress has Sylas made? 

Well, for starters, he is growing rapidly! I can now SEE every movement he makes, so I’m going to take a wild guess and say that he’s beginning to become a bit crammed. I wonder if he has cosmic powers to go with that itty bitty living space. Bad joke? I will say, he doesn’t really kick me, but he LOVES to run his (maybe) feet along my belly, which is far more enjoyable than I imagine actual kicks would be. He is around 16 inches long and weighs somewhere between 2.5 and 3.8 pounds, and I’m going to guess he’s on the heavier side because I feel incredibly weighed down. 

Well, that’s everything I have for this update! Hopefully we will have the glider finished before the week is up! Until next time! xx

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