Week 27

Dang look at that belly! Here’s a front view for ya, too! 

Time has just been flying by! I’m starting to forget how far along I am, and when people ask it honestly takes me a few seconds to think about! A handful has gone on this week. 

To get the sad stuff out of the way, our chinchilla, Dobby, passed away today from what we believe was age. I’m devastated, but Jacob has been doing a fabulous job with keeping me distracted from it. 

On Friday we bought a used glider off of Craigslist that we are going to stain & reupholster. We have just been sanding away at it all weekend and are about 80% done, I’ll throw in a little preview of it, but I would like to save the rest for a separate post. 

Here’s a little inspiration collage I put together, I’m still deciding on what to use for the cushion covers, but we will be staining it grey for sure! I’m very excited to see the finished piece, I think it’s going to look gorgeous! 

We met our birth photographer on Friday! She wasn’t the only photographer we were looking into or even met, but I really liked chatting with her, and I felt like we connected with her better than the first girl we talked to, plus her photos are gorgeous! Here’s a link to her website and here’s a link to her Facebook page! 

We also had a prenatal visit this week, I had to do the glucose test, YUCK! I definitely underestimated how bad that drink would taste, it took me 10 minutes to get it down! We didn’t discuss a whole lot at the appointment, to summarize it up though, we covered vaccines and birth classes. 

Moving on to Sylas! 

Our little boy is about the size of a fennec fox now! He measures about 14 inches and is estimated at around 2 pounds! His eyes are opening & he is even showing brain activity! His brain isn’t the only thing that’s active though, as he runs out of room I am finding him adjusting himself more frequently, rolling around and even stretching! It’s hilarious to watch my belly change shapes so frequently. He even kicks off anything that I set on my stomach! 

How’s momma been feeling:

Productive as heck! Jacob and I (and it feels like Sylas too!) have been non-stop this week which is awesome! I feel like everything is starting to come together (aside from Dobby passing away – which I’m literally still crying about). Did I mention emotional? I swear anything and everything makes me want to cry. How about the physical stuff? I weigh a whopping (not really) 150lbs and my belly measured vertically is 29 1/2 inches! I think it’s hilarious how I have people who point out how big I am and people who point out how tiny I am! I even had a lady come up to me at work and tell me I was the cutest pregnant woman she’s ever seen! It definitely made my day because I have NOT been feeling cute! 

And here’s another abrupt close, because that’s all I have for this weeks update! Stay tuned for the glider project – this is one I’m super excited to write about! Thanks for popping by! xx 

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