Week 26

A pretty slow week for us over here! Jacob and I have been slowly planning out nursery stuff, so I think this upcoming week I will start making purchases to piece it all together so we can cross it off our list by the end of the month!

How’s momma been feeling?

I’m finding it hard to believe that we are almost into the third trimester! Jacob and I are very excited to meet our little boy, and love him so much already with every kick and roll! I can tell Sylas is running out of room in there because I can feel every tiny little movement! Speaking of feeling, these Braxton Hicks are getting more intense, not to the point where they’re a bother or painful though. I’ve also been getting up 2-3 times in the middle of the night to go pee! Oh my goodness! I hardly drink water before bed, but somehow my bladder ends up full! Other than the frequent potty breaks and forgetfulness, I’m still feeling pretty great!

How’s Sylas doing?

His eyes are forming and should soon open, if they haven’t already! And he has eyelashes now! I bet they are gorgeous just like his daddy’s! Sylas is somewhere around 14 inches long and weighs probably just over two pounds. We’re ready to meet him now! Still have a ways to go but, for now, we will continue to enjoy his kicking and wiggling around inside my belly!

That’s all the excitement I have for this weeks update! Keeping it short and sweet! As always, thanks for popping by! Until next time! xx

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