Week 25

Almost out of the second trimester! Aaaand we still have nothing done or ready. I start my leave from school on April 3rd, which I am incredibly excited about because I will be able to work and save more money (and spend more – of course), and get things ready for baby Sylas! Plus, I won’t be juggling as much with work, school, appointments, and regular life in general. I can’t remember if I mentioned this yet or not, but I have been seeing a chiropractor the last couple of weeks because of my back pain, it’s in one spot and getting adjusted has been helping me a lot. I also registered for childbirth education classes, 6 weeks of that should be a unique experience for us. However, I might need to look into private classes because the regular ones are on Thursday nights and Jacob works second shift, so we will see what we can do about that.

How’s momma has been feeling:

Not super great this past week, actually, but I think my daily cup of coffee might be the culprit for that. There were two days last week that I got really hot and lightheaded and nearly fainted. I called the midwives and asked about it, they asked me a couple of diet related questions, and let me know I probably just didn’t have enough protein to balance out the other stuff I had been eating. My mom thinks Sylas is just getting heavy and ends up sitting on a nerve, and I assume it is the coffee. Who knows for sure though, it’s so difficult to try and rule out what could have caused it, especially with so many things that could factor in. Aside from all that nonsense, as you’ve already read, I’m still having back pains, and this past weekend I experienced difficulty sleeping. I’m pretty sure Sylas moving around is what woke me up, but then I couldn’t get comfortable without feeling sick, so I gave up, sat up, and watched Tangled with Jacob, eventually falling asleep to the movie.

How’s Sylas doing:

Still super active! It’s getting more and more entertaining for me to feel and watch him move around (except for when the movement pulls me from a dead sleep) and I’m sure it’s fun for him too, especially since he can now tell which way is up and down. He’s still just over a foot long and weighing somewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds. I can definitely feel the added weight when I am laying down!
Hopefully, with my schedule freeing up some, I will be able to put more time into this little blog of mine and post more regularly; for now once or twice a week will do! Thanks for popping by! Until next time! xx

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