Week 24

24 week bumpdate! 16 weeks left to go! And we’re almost into the third trimester!

I still have so much to do, I just don’t really know where I should start or when to squeeze it into our already busy schedules! We have a birth photographer picked out, we just need to meet with her and talk about what we want. I would like to write a flexible birth plan so that way everyone is on the same page when the time comes. Jacob and I also need to light a fire under our butts with getting the nursery furnished and put together! Since this is probably going to be our only child we have been going all out, and trying to make the most of everything, who knows what the future holds though!

How I’ve been feeling:

Still feeling stressed, but overall great! A bit tired and I’ve noticed myself getting winded quicker recently, which means I probably should be excercising when I can. I can tell when baby boy rolls around now and when he is changing positions. I’m also still getting kicked in not-so-nice places, but I’ve grown used to the feeling at this point. He isn’t always facing upright, I’ve noticed he likes to move around quite a bit in there. Constantly rolling, or even running his hands and feet across my belly. 

How baby is doing:

Feels like he’s doing pretty great as well! Getting big and strong! The Bump says he’s about the size of a cantaloupe! Measuring close to a foot long & weighing close to a pound and a half! His skin is growing more opaque each day & he is developing a pink skin color due to capillaries forming!

We have a glucose test coming up in about two and a half weeks that I am most definitely not looking forward to, but hey, it’s for the wellbeing of baby, right?! So I’m just gonna chug for my life and pray everything goes smoothly. Thankfully I don’t have to sit at the office and wait an hour, I can take it about 30 minutes before I have to leave for my appointment and then go in and have my blood drawn, so it should be relatively quick and painless.

That’s all I have for this update! Hopefully as Jacob and I get a move on with nursery stuff I will have more to post about. Until next time! xx

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