Week 22

This belly of mine is definitely starting to get round! To me I look bigger in pictures than I actually feel, but then when I look in the mirror it’s just like, BOOM all belly!

Not a super eventful week over here, they never really are that wild, but we did buy some more clothes, as well as supplies for some nursery projects (which I will get into separately)!

How I’ve been feeling hasn’t changed a whole lot, just feeling bigger every day! Getting over this cold has caused some fairly violent coughing fits, which lead to minor accidents, ugh! Thankfully I’m at the very tail end of the cold, so my coughing has decreased significantly, and I have regained full control over my bladder. My belly button is no longer an innie, but it hasn’t reached outie status yet! Still having the Braxton hicks contractions, but not very regularly and no pain with them. Overall, I’m feeling great!

As far as baby goes, he is about a foot long & weighs over a pound! It’s crazy how much he moves around on a regular basis and he is most definitely getting stronger each day. Jacob and I love watching him kick in there, even if a giant kick only happens every so often. It’s exciting when we get to see them. Even as I am typing this the little guy is visibly kicking away. According to The Bump, he is sleeping 12-14 hours a day, and it’s probably when I don’t feel him kicking. Lucky for me, I feel him going all day long, so I think he’s sleeping when I do!

This is a pretty short and sweet update since I would like to share my project in a separate post! Be on the look out for it, I might even share his name! As always, thank you for reading, until next time! xx

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